About Us


Rod BaberRod has extensive experience in both education and climbing. From teaching Aboriginals he became a high ropes course instructor for the Armed Forces and In2Action. Within this role he also became a facilitator for accelerated learning within schools, commerce, the RAF, and HMPYOI’s.

He has worked as a qualified Vertex High Ropes Trainer for 10 years and recently attained the ERCA TTT Instructor certification. Throughout his career he had also been a semi-professional mountaineer attaining world records both in Europe and the Himalayas. Outside work he dedicates his time to his family and fundraising for severely disabled and ill children.



Tom FoleyTom’s passion for the outdoors, travel and adventure has led him to work a wide variety of roles all around the world; from zip lining in India, Clifton College Adventure Camp UK to kayak guiding in New Zealand. With this wide experience base he has gained valuable interpersonal skills as well as technical proficiency in rescue and inspection related tasks.

Since returning to the South West and starting as Head Instructor at Head 4 Heights Tom has earned four ERCA qualifications and completed a Lyon Competent Person PPE Inspection course. He also works on a pro rata basis for many Bristol-based activity centres including Clip n Climb and Clifton College.



Every year we run in-house training programmes for our own operations. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us on