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January 20th, 2014

Have you got an adventure plan for 2014? If you need a reason which will keep you on course during tough training, there are several sponsored climbs and other activities around the world, near and far from home.

Head 4 Heights

The Midnight Ben Nevis Climb is a sponsored August event in support of the Altzheimer’s Society. The ascent in darkness is a real challenge – in a location which is never less than a tough climb. Watching dawn and sunrise at altitude in this stunning scenery is really one to remember.

Again in support of the Altzheimer’s Society is a big African adventure: at 5,895m, Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the largest volcanoes anywhere. The trek there goes from the rainforest to the ice-capped summit, with arduous climbing and unforgettable scenery.

In even wilder territory, an eight-day sponsored Grand Canyon Trek follows the stunning, famous course of the Colorado River, to benefit Marie Curie Cancer Care Nurses. The route runs through gorges, waterfalls and valleys, including the jaw-dropping Tonto platform and Carbonate Canyon.

Closer to home, it’s possible to go almost as high for a good cause. Above Hinton Airfield in Northamptonshire you can tandem-skydive, closely accompanied by (in fact harnessed to) a professional parachute instructor, for £450. Most of the payment goes to the Acorns Children’s Hospice, and the views are as awesome as the weather permits.

For a different kind of physical test, the Liferaft Challenge from Sail 4 Cancer is pretty extreme, and very unlike anything on shore. Enduring all the discomfort, damp, cold and seasickness that afflicts real wrecked sailors, participants spend 24 hours in a tiny liferaft…

…although possibly the bravest souls choose a mid-winter charity swim in the cold sea, like that at Wembury, Devon.

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