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December 5th, 2012

Exercise has been summed-up as muscles being rapidly torn apart, stimulating cells to rebuild themselves, stronger and more numerously. So it’s easy for professional athletes to keep in shape…

…but it’s worth remembering that many of us spend our free time exercising because of how sedentary our employment is…

…and combining the two isn’t easy, even if it would save time and improve health. Maybe traditional occupations weren’t as limited in fulfilment as we imagine?

It’s said that between the limited rations available during World War 2 and the constant, vital physical work, the surviving UK population was healthier in 1945 than at any time since.

Land-girls always seemed to be grinning, and the mere mention of lumberjacks sets people singing. Even longer ago, “navvies” mostly only consumed meat, beans and a great deal of ale, yet they were known for their relentless hard work and rugged good health.

But it’s not easy to replicate the benefits of toil in a labour-saving world. Could be difficult, replicating a blacksmith’s hot sweaty work-load whilst explaining your company’s promotions or examining accounts.

…and a serious workout in the office is going to be seriously distracting. But maybe the way we commute offers potential combined health and wealth-accumulating endeavour?

Cycle-couriers may not be the group to ask. Do they actually commute? And while they save gym-subscriptions, do they get any pleasure from an unpaid ride with friends and family?

The answer may already be in every office-block in every town. The benefit of using stairs rather than elevators and escalators, is renowned…

…and as this clip shows, it doesn’t have to be a bore!

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