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June 1st, 2013

Exercise is something we’re aware we need, in larger amounts than we typically get. Strange, because the benefits are so various and obvious, and activity is available all around us.

And it’s surprising, considering exercise is widely regarded as fun to take part in. The difficulty seems to be including enjoyable activity in our lifestyle and transport network, which so carefully caters for more idle instincts…

…but it’s odd that all kinds of adventurous outdoor fun, promoted as treats for active types, typically feature deeply unhealthy opportunities to refuel…even London’s Olympics were partly funded by fast-food outlets within the park.

No question, we all want to be super-fit…billions of pounds are spent each year on diets and kit and health-club membership, but having spent the money, many who want to get fit, lose the inclination to actually expend calories on exercise too.

A shame, because getting the ideal physique only really takes enduring strength of mind. Carrot sticks as office snacks and a pedestrian commute instead of a car or bus journey; doesn’t sound hard, but millions can’t even maintain that for long.

Western pursuit of fitness is plagued by labour-saving and the availability of more, cheaper food than we need. It seems crazy for so many to be unhappily caught by unhealthy habits they can’t resist – habits well worth kicking instead of living with.

Exercise not only makes the ideal physique a possibility, it’s the best chance for a long life, of much higher quality. All in all, it’s a choice that ought to sell itself. It’s cheaper, too!

On the other hand, if you really can’t live without a diet of junk, there may still be some hope:

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