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June 12th, 2012

Challenges to test and advance team-bonding and mutual reliance.

Corporate days-out shouldn’t only be a short break from office hierarchy. Head 4 Heights’ team-building days offer climbing activities to place everyone’s input in focus, and recall the group to clear, shared goals. Neatly concealed, behind fun!

Nothing builds group-integrity and support-structures under pressure, better than the Stairway to Heaven, part of the High Ropes Course. A wire rope-ladder leads steadily upward, but each rung is a longer step than the last. How slickly can the whole team reach the summit?

The Double Totem Pole is a perfect challenge for powers of communication. Team members on the ground advise those above of the best route to the top of a climbing-complex. Not easy, to keep your encouragement and advice, clear and constructive.

Like Lego on a grand scale, Head 4 Heights offers the Boxed-Up challenge. The lightweight plastic crates can be stacked very high, but the freestanding structure must support the weight of three from the team…how high can your group’s grasp of structure, co-ordination and support, get them?

Cheers for the highest tower, jeers for the colleague who topples the lot, and a chance to see how adroitly team-members turn their ideas and processes into vertical productivity.

Sharing analysis and mastery of each task in turn, develops skills and strengths unexplored in the workplace. Colleagues bond, overcoming reluctance about heights and physical exertion; and, there’ll always be photos of the boss in a helmet and harness, dangling from a high-wire…

The scenic surroundings are a perfect, relaxing contrast. Head 4 Heights offers a licensed bar and full conference and catering facilities in the Oak Room, overlooking one of the lakes.

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