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May 17th, 2012

Test your nerve and appetite for fun, in a challenging High Ropes Course.

These days, tree-climbing and rope-swings are mostly childhood memories, from before health & safety. But at Head 4 Heights, the High Ropes Course revives the old senses of fear and fun, with new challenges in a course that meets stringent safety standards.

Like the massive rig of a sailing ship, a complex of support-wires and footholds lies between timber posts as much as sixteen meters high, with rungs to help climbers.

The ‘Leap of Faith’ starts with a long climb up a high post. At the top, you’ll stand like Nelson on his column, as it sways a little in the breeze…then, leap into the emptiness, aiming for a trapeze-bar set at the outer limit of your reach. If you’ve ever envied circus acrobats, it’s a ‘must’.

The ‘High All-Aboard’ needs nerve and co-operation. Up to four people climb to face each other on a high platform, no bigger than a pizza-box. Trusting your opposite team-member’s sense of balance, you all link hands and slowly lean backward, overboard from the safe centre-point.

‘The Freefall’ simulates leaping from an airplane, with elastic cables adjusted to bring jumpers to a safe stop, on their feet. Very exciting – and terrifying, to start with!

Head 4 Heights’ Challenge by Choice system means there’s no obligation to try activities you don’t fancy. The fully-qualified staff instruct and encourage, and everyone wears a harness and helmet.

The facilities at Head 4 Heights offer vertical challenges in three dimensions, with fabulous lakeside views of the Cotswold Water Park all around.

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