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Our Head 4 Heights activity centre in the Cotswold Water Park features seven awesome high adventure activities. You get the chance to tackle an exhilarating range of climbing, jumping and swinging activities, all in complete safety.

For all ages 5 years and upwards


Totem-pole challenge

Experience the excitement provided by a complex climbing challenge. You have three different grades ranging from easy to difficult. Have you got what it takes to reach the summit?


Stairway to Heaven

One of our most challenging team activities. Can your team scale a huge suspended ladder that gets increasingly difficult to climb the higher up you go?


Leap of faith

The Ultimate test of courage! Three challenges wrapped up in one activity - climb a 10 metre pole, stand on top of a wobbling platform and if you are mad enough - leap through the air and grasp a suspended trapeze bar.


High all aboard

A team event that requires courage, balance and support. Your challenge is to get four people to stand on a platform 10 metres in the air. The problem is that the platform is much smaller than you would hope and you have to get four sets of feet onto it!



Free fall offers you a unique opportunity to simulate the thrilling experience of jumping out of an aeroplane! Leap off a platform 10 metres above the ground and experience "FreeFall" for yourself...


Boxed up

Did you ever used to build things from Lego? Here is your chance to beat a world record!!! You need to build a structure that will support the weight of three of your team and you only have specially designed crates to work with. A special prize is given to the teams that beat the world record each year!! Can you do it?

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